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Chiranjeevi’s 150 Poster: RGV sarcastically hints at blunder?

Image Source: KonidelaPro Twitter


Chiranjeevi’s 150 Poster: RGV sarcastically hints at blunder?

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma seems to be awestruck with the new poster of actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi.

A new poster of the actor has been released and RGV wanted to touch the feet of latter’s designer and director who convinced to sport such trendy costumes.

In a series of posts he said:

This is upper limit of the height of narcissm and the lower limit of the depth of its opposite ..Wilhelm Hegel would have kissed Mega Star

Can I please have the name,number and address of the designer and others around Mega Star who convinced him to put out a pose like this

Designer of this look is going to have a page forever in the annals of history for involuntary perpetuation and voluntary disorientation

But do you think RGV was straight all through these comments? There’s a catch or ‘latch’.

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There was a blunder in the poster which could be noticed only after keen observation. Some responses left hints for you.


Got it?

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