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Chiranjeevi reveals why RGV dumped him in 1993


Chiranjeevi reveals why RGV dumped him in 1993

Chiranjeevi reveals why RGV dumped him in 1993

Probably you must have come across the leaked song of Megastar Chiranjeevi and Urmila on the Internet but never saw it on TVs or the silver screen. That’s from the movie that got shelved due to reasons unknown till date and many theories surfaced. Ram Gopal Varma was the director and Aswini Dutt was the producer. Chiranjeevi was by then the Megastar and RGV was at his career peaks with success of Rangeela.

However, Chiranjeevi in an interview to popular Telugu news channel TV9 revealed why the movie was shelved.

In his words, “In the production of Aswini Dutt, a song and some scenes were shot before the movie was stopped midway. RGV came up explaining that he had to continue making Daud with Sanjay Dutt who got bailed out. RGV also promised Aswini Dutt of compensating the loss that would occur due to his decision. It is unknown if he really helped him or not.”

Further, Chiranjeevi clarified that he has no issues or any kind of relation with RGV.

Probably RGV was the only director who can leave a film of a Megastar to make a disaster with Sanjay Dutt. Daud released in 1997 was a dud in Bollywood.

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