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For IIT: No more urban Telugu medium schools in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh

For IIT: No more urban Telugu medium schools in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh government on Monday took a landmark decision that will wipe out all Telugu medium municipal schools across the State. The government, in a GO released, cited overwhelming support for Foundation Course as reason for its move.

“Response from all the concerned including general public, and the enthusiasm shown by the students, parents and teachers had really made the Government to decide to make the foundation course mandatory for all the students studying in all Municipal Schools. Hence, the medium of instruction plays a very crucial role in defining the destiny of the student,” the GO No. 14 said.

“All the existing Telugu Medium Municipal Schools into English Medium Schools from 1st standard to 10th standard irrespective of the students strength as well as teachers strength with immediate effect,” the order concludes.

On Tuesday, the Government created a post of Special Officer to oversee the transition and strengthen urban education system.

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The Special Officer is entitled to:

  • Look after education in all Municipal Schools by monitoring, supervising, reviewing and reporting.
  • Create an online database for all the schools regarding the infrastructure availability, profile of the teachers and the students.
  • Strengthen the PTAs and the school committees.
  • Provide and improve the basic infrastructure like class rooms, labs, libraries, sports infrastructure etc.
  • Identify and promote individual talents among the student.
  • Tap all available resources including CSR to improve the infrastructure facilities.
  • Promote physical literacy among the student.
  • Promote digital literacy among the students.
  • Ensure 100% enrolment in all the Municipal School.
  • Involve the MEPMA Coordinators and the SHG Groups on a large scale to improve enrolment and adult literacy among the parents.
  • Organise periodical training for teachers towards upgrading their knowledge and motivating them for better teacher-pupil coordination and teacher-parent coordination.
  • Improve the academic standard in all the Municipal Schools.
  • Review periodically the performance of the Headmasters & Teachers and report to the Government.
  • Implement English Medium in all schools in all classes, irrespective of the strength of the student and teachers.Mr.D.V.Rao, Educational Consultant would assist the Special Officer in designing and organising academic programmes in all municipal schools.

    The Mission Director, MEPMA will coordinate with the Special Officer and the Education Consultant by mobilising the public opinion and public support to the new initiatives of the Government.


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