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Holyweed! Hollywood turns Hollyweed

Image Source: Twitter


Holyweed! Hollywood turns Hollyweed

Los Angeles came across a surprise shock as they read ‘Hollyweed’ instead of ‘Hollywood’ on the hillock.

The iconic sign of ‘Hollywood’ has been defaced to read ‘Hollyweed’ by unknown miscreants.

The two letters O,O were simply alterted to look like E,E making Hollyweed.

According to the New York Times, Officer Christopher Garcia, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department, said the episode was being investigated as trespassing, rather than as vandalism.

To change the o’s to e’s, the prankster nestled a peace sign and a drawing of a heart into the bottom right corners of the two letters. Officer Garcia said that he did not find the prank funny, and that the suspect was believed to be a man. The police were contacted around 5:30 a.m., he told NYT.

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AND Twitterati was making fun of the change that took part in the beginning of 2017.



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