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Innovative idea of Germans to change the world


Innovative idea of Germans to change the world

Many of us have an experience of eating food in dry leaf plates which is like traditional way of offering food in auspicious functions taking place in our families which is considered as economical aspect and also fact that leafs are highly bio-degradable and therefore favorable for environmental sustainability. As years passed this habit of using leafy plates gradually changed to modern culture of using plastic plates drastically increasing tons and tons of plastic waste which completely takes over the environment giving bad experiences to next generations.

Giving shape to a similar imagination a German startup called Leaf Republic came up with a  business motto which is quite simple – creating durable but highly bio-degradable and eco-friendly  cutlery out of leaves. Their standard plate has three layers all sewn and put together using palm fibers and paper derived from leaves – no artificial agents, chemicals, plastics or additives are used. The leaves are sourced from wild vines of South America and Asia.


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