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Passengers: The interstellar story of a murderer and his victim

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, Source: Popsugar


Passengers: The interstellar story of a murderer and his victim


  • Genre: Sci-fi adventure
  • Storyline: A man’s faulty journey to new planet 90 years away
  • Bottomline: You find yourself in a hibernation pod by the end of the movie. 
  • Cast: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Sheen
  • Director: Morten Tyldum

Avalon, the spaceship heading towards the second earthlike colonized planet, Homestead II is 30 years past the Earth. It is carrying some 250 crew members and five thousand passengers all in suspended animation in the hibernation pods sealed in a medical procedure.

Avalon is supposed to land 90 years later while the crew and passengers are programmed to wake up four months before landing.

The story begins when Avalon successfully crashes through a massive meteoroid with its shield over the spiral body. The crash somehow triggers malfunction of Jim Preston, a mechanical engineering’s (Chris Phatt) hibernation pod and wakes him up.

He is led to his room in the spaceship by virtual pre-programmed guides and later on realises that he woke 90 years earlier. He knows he would die in the midway to Homestead II and explores all possibilities to wake up the crew members and get back into hibernation pod in vain. However, he has a company in the form of a robotic bartender, Arthur, played by Michael Sheen. Arthur is a cinematic liberty that spoils the idea of Jim being alone on the ship. Jim talks every day to Arthur who even cracks some jokes.

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After spending nearly a year alone on the ship, Jim makes a failed suicide attempt (yes, throwing himself out to space) and is immediately struck by the beauty of Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), a journalist.

He accesses her details and spends time at her pod thinking whether to wake her up or not. One fine day, he wakes her up by creating a glitch in the pod and starts acting like he never saw her until they met accidentally.

He hides the truth the entire period they were in a relationship and Arthur reveals it a year later (Yes, on the proposal day). They are apart now; she even attempts to kill him but pulls back after realizing she would remain alone on the ship.

She calls Jim’s act a MURDER and complains to the ship’s captain Gus (Laurence Fishburne) who wakes up later due to malfunction of his pod. The trio realizes their ship is going to crash but Gus dies of organ failure. It’s Jim and Aurora’s time to save the ship and people on it. Aurora unites with him, solves the problem and goes to an extent of mood swing as she even rejects to get back to a working hibernation pod just to stay with her murderer. They live a lifetime in the ship and were not seen by the time the rest of the passengers wake up 89 years later.

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There are a couple of interesting visuals but do not need a mention as they are too predictable.

Jim is the Adam of the ship, it’s his choice to wake up his Eve or not. He does and let another being die on the ship along with him. He justifies waking her up because he’ll die of loneliness. What kind of justification is this?

The basic idea of space travel towards a new home is great but the life on the ship is horrible, maybe the blame can be put on humans on and off the screen. Though the movie shows you numerous stars and a close up view of sun-like star, we give two stars.


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