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Rasila Raju’s Cal with cousin few minutes before murdered in her cubicle


Rasila Raju’s Cal with cousin few minutes before murdered in her cubicle

Rasila Raju’s Cal with cousin few minutes before murdered in her cubicle


As Infosys nerd Rasila Raju (24) slaved away in office, in solitude on a Sunday, her sole comfort was this was her ticket for an exchange out of the Pune branch. That was what she was talking about with her cousin seconds before she unexpectedly finished the call with the chilling words: “Somebody is entering my work bay, I will cal you back”

Rasila wasn’t thrilled about working alone on Sunday (January 29). In fact, she had told her family that she was often forced to put in extra time because her boss held a grudge against her.

Cal with her cousin few minutes before the incident:

“My transfer to the Bangalore office depends on my submission today. I should receive my transfer order by the first week of February,” Rasila told her cousin sister Anjali Nandkumar on the phone. Then, seconds later, she hung up with the words: “Someone is entering my working bay, I will call you back.”

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Forensic findings:

The post-mortem indicated that Rasila had put up a fight but was bashed in the face and chest several times. “We found bite marks on her left shoulder, which indicate that the accused tried to force himself on her and she fought back. A blunt object was used to assault the victim, and she sustained blunt injuries on the chest and face,” said a forensic expert from BJ medical college, where the autopsy was done.

The expert added, “The body was brought to the mortuary with the power chord that was used to strangulate the deceased. So much force was used that the victim that blood oozed from her mouth and nostrils, which might have splashed on the accused clothes.

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“What’s shocking is that the police neither took the forensic team to the crime scene nor did they allow the experts to examine the accused of evidence.

The next day, the police arrested Infosys security guard Saikiya Bhaben, who admitted that he killed after she rebuked him for staring at her. But the security guard wasn’t the only man harassing Rasila at work.

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