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Simple things you can do in your daily routine to increase height after 18


Simple things you can do in your daily routine to increase height after 18

Can I really grow? Are there any proven solutions? Is it really possible to grow after 18+?
Questions regarding height always come in our minds, from ages we all believe that 18 years in women and 24 in men is the halt age for the growth hormone. That may be true, the fact is bones stop growing at a certain age.
There will be many reasons coming into consideration that stops height growth like genetic or hereditary disorder, lack of nutrition, proteins & vitamins, medication reaction or infection at the stage of teenage.

Growing height can be possible by including some healthy habits in your day to day life.

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  •  Ashwagandha and Milk

Take one glass of warm milk and add a tablespoon of ashwagandha and honey. Give it a stir and consume every day morning for at least 45 days for noticeable results.

Note: Warm natured people must not consume overdosage of ashwagandha because it produces excesses heat in your body. Consult your physician.

  • Black Sesame seeds, Cow Gee/ Clarified butter, Ashwagandha

Grind Sesame seeds and Ashwagandha to powder. Take 2 tablespoons of this crushed powder in a bowl add cow ghee and consume this paste every day for best results. You can also put this paste in dates and consume if you cannot take it directly.

  •  Cow Milk and Jaggery
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Consuming CowMilk and Jaggery is also the best remedy as it’s rich in calcium and iron which helps you promote height growth

  • Other foods to eat in your daily diet that really help u gain vitamins which help in promoting height growth are liver, green vegetables, potatoes, chicken, beans, peas, egg, nuts like almonds, fish, beef, carrots.

  • The workout routine that includes stretches, hanging, skipping, cycling, yoga, swimming can also help you promote height and strengthen your body. Stay hydrated by drinking a good amount of water.

Being positive gives better results

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