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Tollywood laughs off as veteran actor says girls are useful in bed


Tollywood laughs off as veteran actor says girls are useful in bed


Tollywood laughs off as veteran actor says girls are useful in bed

Tollywood is one of the proudest film industries in India after the success of Baahubali. Chest thumping has become an order of the day for many who brag about the success of the movie internationally. But it is still an industry whose senior actors treats women as a commodity.

This incident in an audio release function only shows the cowardliness of the so-called heroes who cannot raise an object to a comment that has put Telugu people in shame.

Senior actor Chalapathi Rao is known for his roles of father, villain and comedian in hundreds of Telugu movies made a vulgar comment.

He was responding to the female anchor, of his daughter’s age, during the audio launch of Naga Chaitanya and Rakul Preet Singh’s Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam, a family entertainer.

The conversation went like this

Female Anchor: Chalapathi Rao who played a variety of roles is here with us. My age and experience is not enough to speak about him. He gives life to characters as of uncle and father in his movies and earned a respectable place in our hearts.

FA: Sir, you tell us, are girls harmful to peace of mind?

Looking at the anchor’s face Chalapathi said

“They are not harmful but are useful in bed”

Anchor Ravi: Immediately bursts into laughs and says “super sir”.

Actor Naga Chaitanya and all other men over there too laughed off to his comment.

What Chalapathi said was the worst thing to come from the mouth of the veteran actor who was sitting behind a female designer and speaking to a female anchor.

No women or for that matter men would tolerate such comments against women. But men around him just laughed off at his comment while popular anchor Ravi complimented him.

There was no condemnation for any of the actors or actresses. No one knows what the female anchor went through after his comment.

When a Telugu woman took to YouTube and posted a video criticising such vulgar language of a top comedian in audio functions, the same Anchor Ravi defended the comedian and humiliated the women in response to the video.

Shocked at the comments and support by Anchor Ravi, netizens started hating the actor and Ravi.

Watch the video here:


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