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Woman’s crazy idea of cooking meals with office equipment


Woman’s crazy idea of cooking meals with office equipment

22 years old Ms. Yeah from China started a new trend in meal plans during work time. Yeah is a content planner for a creative agency and came up with a weird idea of using office equipment to make her meal.

At first, Ms. Yeah uploaded her video for fun, but it went viral after which she started a series on her channel. Her Facebook page gained more than 1.5 million fans and she has 309,500 YouTube subscribers at the time of writing.

Ms.Yeah in an interview said that she shoots all her videos in her actual office where entire company including her boss supports her creativity.

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Yeah’s firsts video – Grill beef using iron box

Super easy and successful

Ms. Yeah most popular videos :

Frying fish on hands in office

Instant noodles

Make cotton candy with electric drill

Ms. Yeah said not all of her ideas are successful but she keeps on trying.

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