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Arjun Reddy is not an honest attempt. Here’s Why! 


Arjun Reddy is not an honest attempt. Here’s Why! 

A technically sound, well experienced, highly intoxicated and drugged pilot Whip Whitaker starts his flight with 102 souls on board an American aircraft. In the mid flight as he, being the Captain of the flight, sleeps off after having vodka, a major technical glitch makes the aircraft nose dive. Using his expertise Whip manages to glide the aircraft and saves 96 persons. He is hailed as a hero but soon medical reports reveal he was intoxicated and high on coke.

Pilots’ Union head supports Whip. He hires a lawyer who kills the medical report, manages the woman who heads the federal investigation team. Finally, Whip has his task cut out, to firmly tell the federal investigation bench at an in-house hearing that he did not consume liquor or drugs.

To the surprise of everyone Whip confesses that he had consumed alcohol on the flight and 72 hours before the flight. He breaks down saying he had led several flights in same condition which was criminal negligence and breaking of trust of his passengers.

This is the story of Denzel Washington’s Flight, a Hollywood movie released in 2012.

The entire movie has been condensed and put as an episode of criminal negligence by a drug and alcohol addict doctor in Tollywood’s so called path-breaking, trendsetting movie Arjun Reddy starring Vijay Deverekonda, the actor who calls his audience and interviewers as fools, because they didn’t like or understand his movie.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga, a doctor turned director successfully pulled off the movie without anyone recognising this gross plagiarism which amounts to nothing but deception.

A scene to scene description of similarities in Flight and Arjun Reddy

1. Emptying bottles

Arjun Reddy empties all the alcohol bottles stacked in his room after he decides not to drink anymore. Whip too does the same after deciding to quit drinking.

2. Alcoholics

Both Arjun Reddy and Whip are drug and alcohol addicts but are experts in their profession. Arjun Reddy could pull off some 300 surgeries in a year while Whip could glide a plane that not any other pilot could do. Whip is also away from his ex-partner.

3. Lawyer-intoxication report

Whip’s Pilot Union head hires a lawyer to deal his case as Arjun Reddy’s brother hires Priyadarshini. At first interaction both Whip and Arjun doubts if the lawyer is on his side. Both the lawyers kill intoxication report and manages everything.

4. Attempt to shun alcohol and last minute temptation

Both get tempted upon seeing liquor just the night before hearing on their criminal negligence. They are unconscious in the bathroom  and are given coke to become normal and attend hearing.

5. Back to sense

Both get back to sense after having coke brought by their friends

6. Breakdown at hearing

Both of them break down before the panel/judge in the last moment and confess to their mistake. Arjun’s license is cancelled and Whip goes to jail.

So like Vijay said in an interview that the 5% who didn’t like the movie are fools or stupids and immature. In such case the other 95% too are made fools with this plagiarism by the director and the lead actor who says on matured people can get the essence of the movie.

PS: We liked the movie (as a movie) though. Maybe we are fools too.

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