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Dowry advantages and the problem with ‘educated’ Indian new-media


Dowry advantages and the problem with ‘educated’ Indian new-media

Education is not just literacy or the ability to read and write. It is something that most of the Indian new media houses lack. And today (October 20, 2017), the fact has apparently been proved one more time.

The social media is abuzz with the ‘Advantages of Dowry’ a page from a book given to students of a Bengaluru  college. A young woman posted the page claiming to be part of the material given by college to students and expressed her concern over education system in India. This woman should have definitely not seen the entire chapter named ‘Dowry Menace’  or is as educated as the new media which ran ‘shocking stories‘ on the education system in India. See the shocking headlines below:

As usual the webportals used their tools ‘ allegedly’ ‘?’ and others to somehow run the story and make most of the issue. The college is being accused of teaching advantages of dowry to students of sociology.

The Truth

The truth lies in the ignorance of these portals that deliberately skipped an eye on the chapter name ‘Dowry Menace’. Any person who had seen text books would know, the name of the chapter is printed on the top. Like the the page shared by the girl shows ‘ Dowry Menace’  on the top. Going by the name it means the chapter is about a menace called Dowry. Also, the essay clearly mentions it does not recommend Dowry practices and only reflected the views of supporters in the society. Still, the media took it wrong and is busy making most of it.

See the shared page here

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